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Lagu Galau Korea (KPop) Part II (Sad Korean/KPop songs)

Disclaimer: Post ini cuma buat menaikan angka pengunjung, haha.

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Akdong Musician - Time and Fallen Leaves
Baekhyun - Beautiful (OST. EXO NEXT DOOR)
Baek Ji Young - Don't Forget (OST. IRIS)
Big Bang - If You
Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love
B2ST - Butterfly
BTS - Butterfly (prologue ver.)
BTS - Love is not over
Block B - A Few Years Later
Block B - Toy
Davichi - This Love (OST. Descendants of the Sun)
Epik High - Umbrella
Epik High - Spoiler
Epik High - Happen Ending
Epik High - Eyes Nose Lips (cover)
EXO - Don't Go
EXO - Miracles of December
EXO - Sing For You
EXO - Promise 2014
G-Dragon - That XX
G-Dragon - Missing You
Hyukoh - Little Girl (OST. Reply 1988)
iKon - Apology
Jungkook feat. Rap Monster - Fools (Troye Sivan's cover)
Kim Dong Ryul - Etude of Memory (OST. Architecture 101)
Kim Dong Ryul - Drunken Truth
Kim Kwang Seok - A Love That is Too Painful is Not Love (OST. The Classic)
Kim Kwang Seok - The Private's Letter
Kim Hyun Sik - Like Rain Like Music
Kim Hyun Sik - My Love by My Side
Kyuhyun - At Gwanghwamun
LeeSsang - LeeSsang Blues (soundtracknya Running Man, haha)
Lee Hi - Breathe
Lee Sora & Kim Hyun Chul - The Blue in You (OST. The Blue in You)
Lyn - You are my destiny (OST. You Who Came From The Star)
Mino feat. Taeyang - Fear (Show Me the Money 4)
The One - Winter Love (OST. That Winter, The Wind Blows)
Park Bo Ram - Hyehwadong (OST. Reply 1988)
Red Velvet - One of These Nights
Shin Hae Chul - Don't Be Sad
Suga - So Far Away (Mixtape)
Suzy - When We Were (OST. Uncontrollably Fond)
Taeyang - Eyes Nose Lips
Taeyang - Love You To Death
Taeyeon - Rain
Taeyeon & Jonghyun - Breath (SM The Ballad)
Urban Zakapa - I Don't Love You
Winner - Empty
Winner - Different
Winner - I'm Young
Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely?
Woohyun - Still I Remember
XIA - How Can I Love You (OST. Descendants of the Sun)
Yoon Mi Rae - Always (OST. Descendants of the Sun)
Yurisangja - Can I Love You? (OST. Lovers in Paris)

Bonus: Lay & Kris - Rainbow (Jay Chou's cover)

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