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Mimi (2014)


Genre: Mystery, romance
Written by: Seo Yoo Soon
Directed by: Song Chang Soo
Episodes: 4
Channel: Mnet
  • Shim Changmin as Minwoo
  • Moon Gayoung as Mimi
  • Shin Hyun Bin as Jang Eunhye
  • Jung Ji Soon as team leader of manhwa department
  • Yoon Da Kyung as Minwoo's mother
  • Lee Yeon Kyung as Mimi's aunt 
Plot: Min-woo is a 28-year-old introverted writer of webcomics (or "webtoon") who has partial memory loss.   One day, he finds a memo on his desk calendar, and because of it, writes a new webtoon titled December 8, which becomes an instant hit. But as the webtoon gets even more popular, Min-woo feels pressure from work and begins to suffer from severe headaches. He strives to recover his lost memories from the time he was an 18-year-old high school student, especially those of his first love, Mimi, as he unravels their mysterious fate. (Taken from wikipedia.org)

The relationship between Mimi *the shy sasaeng* and Minwoo *The lost twin of Shim Changmin*

I know you're at least not Ted Bundy or Osama Bin Laden, so those are good reason for not getting to know about you. Yes, even if we have internet now.

Mimi and Minwoo don't have a strong foundation on their relationship.  Their love story is super cliche and so fast.  But the lack interaction between them makes the love story of Mimi doesn't convince me that they are in love or even care with each other.  The disgusting lovey-dovey moments are pointless and they make the story less effective.  Why?  Because it lacks chemistry.  As a writer, Seo Yoosun should learn from Up or Titanic, how to create a cliche, fast, but effective and believable love story.  In Up, Carl and Ellie have an eight-minute love story without dialogue, but they still can touch people's heart, because the story is solid and effective.  Jack and Rose fall in love only in days, but it's believable because the interaction between them is solid.

I don't understand how Mimi and Minwoo are so attracted and attached to each other.  They are not united by some kind of music or film like Summer and Tom (500D0S).  Let's just say that they are attracted with each other by physical appearance.  Then how come they grow to be attached with each other?  They don't spent their time by getting to know each other like Jesse and Celine from Before Trilogy, but they spill their secrets to each other in the very first episode!  It's inconsistent and ridiculous.  But sometimes we spill secrets to strangers because they are strangers, right?  Well, I think Mimi and Minwoo are not strangers to each other.  They go to the same school and know each other for Shisus's sake!  I think it will be better if Mimi and Minwoo have known each other since childhood, so they already have a strong foundation in relationship, like Yoonjae and Shiwon from Reply 1997.  You may ask why it's so important to have a strong relationship from the start because in reality, not all of us have a strong or memorable relationship in high school.  If Mimi and Minwoo don't have strong relationship, how come they're still attached *emotionally* after so many years, especially Mimi?!  SM can create a better (rumor) script than Mimi for Shisus's sake!

The relationship between Jang Eunhye and Minwoo

I'm not a cassiopeia, so why should I see your face? Oh well, it's just another wasted bless from Krisus. Other girls will find luck just like me.

We see more interaction between Eunhye and Minwoo in the third episode.  Eunhye-Minwoo couple doesn't have the best chemistry, but their progress is better than Minwoo-Mimi.  But again, I have a problem with Changmin and Shin Hyunbin, because their chemistry seems forced.  Their dialogue is not flowing flawlessly like the dialogue between Yoonjae and Shiwon from Reply 1997.  Maybe it's because Minwoo doesn't talk much?  If they can't give the viewers a flowing dialogue like Reply 1997, then Changmin and Shin Hyunbin should build or fix their chemistry from the start.

Some kind of fail psychoanalysis of the characters

I conclude that Minwoo is a loner and he doesn't have a great social skill.  There's no indication that he's popular or made some friend in his high school.  He is not even close with his colleagues.  But suddenly, there are so many people who remember and fond of him!  Even the lost twin of Shim Changmin is able to be famous so quickly. 

I think whatever it is between Mimi and Minwoo, it's not love.  What I see from Mimi is not affection, but possessiveness.  Poor Changmin, like he doesn't have enough sasaengs... I know that she decides to erase Minwoo's memory for his sake, but I think it's too much.  She's not her mother yet she decides something that's so crucial for him.  Is that love?  No, it's definitely possessiveness.  Her possessive character can be seen by the fact she never leaves Minwoo, even after so many years have gone.   

I think it's a shame the writer didn't manage Minwoo's mother well.  I interested with her character and her relationship with Minwoo.  Minwoo's relationship with his mother feels so anti-climax and unsatisfying for me, because her part in this series is pretty little.

Eunhye is a nice girl.  But there's a sense of possessiveness from her.  We can see that when she rips Mimi's picture that was drawn by Minwoo.  Gosh, why they the hell they give creepy girls to Changmin?!  Why can't they send nice fans just like me...


Changmin's acting in Mimi is better than his acting on Paradise Ranch, hallelujah!  But his performance is not a mind-blowing one.  Yes, he's decent, but he's not Seo In Guk or even T.O.P.  There are some moments when he really good, but his face expression is pretty limited.  Mun Gayoung's acting is decent too, but again, not a mind-blowing one.  In my opinion, she only can make two or three facial expressions: 

1. Don't do it, Minwoo-ya! or I will replace him or Don't remember me face
=> Wide mouth, red eyes, and sometimes knitted-brows.

Behind that smile, lies a pervert idea for smut fanfictions. Or even hardcore...and fluff.
2. There's-a-high-chance-she'll-get-killed-by-Cassiopeias face
=> Smiling, a bit bashful, basically like a shy sasaeng

Anyway, I don't like her singing scene in episode two.  Gosh, it's awkward.  Please tell Moon Gayoung that she's no Isabella Rossellini from Blue Velvet.  Even Ji Sukjin's I Swear is more decent than her singing scene.

As a couple, Changmin and Gayoung don't have a good chemistry.  They seem forced and don't sync with each other.  I think that Changmin and Gayoung didn't interact often or just didn't prepare their characters well.  There's an obvious reason why Kim Jong Kook - Lee Kwang Soo couple has more shipper than Changmin - Gayoung.

The other actors: decent.  I don't see the function of this stalkish-and-uncharismatic man who follows Mimi everywhere.  He gives Mimi the matches, but his character doesn't add anything in Mimi other than that. 


Damn...I forgot to jerk off this morning.

The best thing about this mini-series is definitely the cinematography.  I really love it.  The color palate and the light are very soft and pretty.  They remind me of some K-Ballad's music videos.  I wish there were more long-range shots though.  It's okay to have lots of short-range shots as long as you're in the same level with Choi Min Sik.  I also wish there were more shaky-cams so this drama would be more indie-ish.

Soundtrack...or a propaganda for promoting SM The Ballad

I know this drama is produced by SM but does SM really have to play SM The Ballad in every f**kin episode?!!  The album is not really amazing.  The whole songs are forgettable for me, because it's only filled with generic ballad songs.  I really notice in the first and second episode where they play the same songs *each episode is different* and only separated by 10-15 minutes.  I know they want to promote SM The Ballad, but that's really too much for me.


Overall, I don't like Mimi.  It's not the worst thing I've ever watched, but it's not the best thing I've ever watched.  The concept and theme of this drama are good, but the script is plain and boring.  The problem of this drama is Mimi doesn't have a stand-out substance and the writer can't create a good process from the concept.  This drama is like an B-cup boobs in the middle of D-cup and E-cup boobs.  Or an Asian porn actress with small boobs who's standing between Monica Belluci and Brigitte Bardot.   C

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