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Battle Royale (manga) Sad Moments


Guys, I have a little secret.  Ineverknowanythingaboutbattleroyalebeforethehungergames.

There, I say it.  Seriously, although I'm not a big fan of The Hunger Games, I will never know anything Battle Royale if Collins doesn't write THG.  

The real Battle Royale is a dystopian novel that was written by Koushun Takami and was first published in 1999.  Battle Royale (manga) was also written by Takami and illustrated by Masayuki Taguchi.  It was serialized by Akita Publishing in Young Champion Magazine from 2000 until 2005.  

Anyway, Battle Royale is the first comic that made me crying.  Yup, this brutal and vurgal made me crying like a baby.  I really want to review this amazing manga, but I skip some of the chapters, lol.  So I'm gonna talk my sad *in a good way* experience with Battle Royale.


8. Kiriyama Kazuo's flashback

Chapter: 110, God's Child, vol. 14

I'm not a fan of Kazuo Kiriyama, he's too stoic for my liking.  His physical appearance is too divaish.  But his flashback of his bittersweet childhood and accident are enough to touch my heart.  It's cliche, but still sad.  I think the part that really squeezes my heart is the fact that Kazuo was once a cheerful boy who liked to help everyone.  Can you imagine how different it would be unless Kazuo was in an accident?  With his brain, I bet he could help Shinji to build the bomb...if he was not in the accident.  He's evil and he has done so many murders, but he has a reason for what he has done.  

7. Hirono Shimizu's Death

Chapter 37: Existence, vol. 5

Hirono Shimizu's death is not that sad...but it gives me a *very* bitter feeling, anger, and a little bit of sadness and pity.  I'm not really attached with Hirono and I think most of the readers don't know much about her.  But her death is the kind of death that really influences me.  Why?  Because Hirono really holds Shuya's promise. 

6. The Death of Yumiko and Yukiko

Chapter 16: The Right Thing to Do, vol. 2

Maybe it's because they are both innocent girls.  Maybe it's because they are killed from behind.  Maybe it's because I read and watch their friendship.  Maybe because they really care about each other.  Or maybe because they were killed after they had done the right thing.   

5. Death and Confession of Takako Chigusa

Chapter 27: Respect and Affection, vol. 4   

I personally think that Takako Chigusa's death is a bit early.  If she was killed after the readers had known more about her, her death would give more emotions and mixed feelings.  And her character doesn't bait me to be sympathetic to her.  But the subtle rejection from Sugimura is just....

I'm not Chigusa's fan, but I really ship her with Sugimura.  Hard.

4. Hiroki Sugimura and Kayako Kotohiki's Death

Chapter 93: Promise, vol. 12

I ship Chigusa-Sugimura, but I can't deny that Hiroki Sugimura and Kayako Kotohiki really look cute together.  There are not much things that more painful than seeing the death of the people you love.  Dying is one things.  But dying and seeing the death of your loved-ones?  It's a jackpot.  Anyway, Hiroki's point of view was drawn in a unique way.     

3. Souma Mitsuko's death and flashback

Chapter 98: Magic, vol. 13

I'm not a big fan of Souma Mitsuko.  She's too vulgar and disgusting.  But her flashbacks are so sad.  I hate Mitsuko Souma.  Yet I can't really blame for being a heartless and manipulative person.  Her flashback is the saddest and the most persuasive.  It's really painful to see little Mitsuko was betrayed by her loved ones. Mitsuko is a typical product of bad childhood and fail parents.

I think her nakedness and the way she acts before she dies represent how she has nothing to hold on or love other than "Magic Emily", her father's last gift.  The real Mitsuko is a lost little girl who still waits for her father.

2. Yuko Sakaki's death - Yuko Sakaki's parents

Stars: Chapter 72: Yuko Sakaki, vol. 10
Ends: Chapter 74: Reparation, vol. 10

Yuko Sakaki is the only one, whose parents show up in this manga.  How Yuko's parents memorize their 'journey' with Yuko and discuss her psychological state definitely made me crying.  Chapter 72 really shows how Yuko's parents really care and love their child.

At first, Yuko's dad is somehow optimist that Yuko has a chance to survive.  Then they talk how the last winner is a girl, that Yuko has friends, etc.  But deep down they know that Yuko will lose the game because her psychological issue.  The most heart-breaking scene is when Yuko's mother says that she wants Yuko to come back to them, no matter how 'crazy' Yuko will be.  

Yuko Sakaki's death also made me crying.  She sincerely regrets her action.  The heart-breaking part?  She realizes that the real monster is not Shuya, but the real monster is inside her.  I really pity her because at the end she just blames herself.  Yes, she does a mistake, but she also has problems, psychological problem to be exact.

1. All moments from the fight between Yutaka Seto and Shinji Mimura until Shinji Mimura's death

Starts: Chapter 49: Firing, vol. 7
Ends: Chapter 55: Trajectory, vol. 7

WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL SHINJI MIMURA, GODDAMNIT!  HE'S SEXY, HANDSOME, CHARMING, FUNNY, ATHLETIC, CHARISMATIC, AND MOST OF ALL, A LOYAL FRIEND.  *sobbing hard under shower* *chopping onion and throwing it to Koushoun Takami*

Well, you can see I'm a big fan of Shinji Mimura.  I like him, both the novel and film version.   

The friendship between Shinji Mimura and Yutaka Seto is the best and the most developed one in Battle Royale.  The friendship between them is not only based from memories or flashbacks, but the present.  They really fight side by side.  They pass the ultimate test of their friendship, even though it's not in an easy way.     

I didn't cry immediately after I had read Keita Iijima's death.  I started to cry after Shinji and Yutaka had forgiven each other.  Seeing people forgiving and hugging each other really touches my heart.  It's a beautiful scene, whether it's from manga, real life, films, or even books.

The way Shinji fights for his life is very, very, very touching.  That means not only he appreciates his life, he also honors the memory of his uncle and his friends, especially the dead ones.  Shinji understands that life is priceless and every seconds are worthy for life.  He doesn't spend his last seconds uselessly.  He even tries to avenge Yutaka's death.  That's why by fighting for his life, Shinji honors his friends and his uncle.   

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