Rabu, 25 April 2012

Lagu galau Korea

Ini dia daftar lagu galau Korea edisi gue

2AM - Even if I Die, I can't Let you Go

2AM - From now on, I'll walk away

2AM - I wonder if you hurt like me

2AM - Like an idiot (OST Personal Taste)

2AM - One Spring Day

2AM - You wouldn't answer my call

2NE1 - It hurts

2NE1 -  Lonely

2NE1 - Missing You

2NE1 - Ugly

4Men - Reason (OST Secret Garden)

9th Street - Without words (OST You're Beautiful)

Baek Ji Young - That Woman (OST Secret Garden)

Beast - Rainy Days

Big Bang - Blue

BTOB - Father

DBSK - Begin

DBSK - Don't say goodbye

DBSK - Holding back the tears (OST Vacation)

DBSK - Evergreen

DBSK - I never let go

DBSK - I believe

DBSK - One

DBSK - Love in the ice

DBSK (Junsu & Changmin) feat. SJ (Ryeowook & Kyuhyun) - Wish

DBSK - Insa (Last Greeting) (OST A millionaire's first love)

f(x) - Spread it Wings (OST God of Study)

f(x) (Luna feat. Krystal) - Calling Out (OST Cinderella Unni)

FT Island - Madly

FT Island - Severely 

Gummy - Because it's you (OST Will it snow for christmas?)

Han Song Min - If we are in love, then... (OST The Classic)

Howl - Love u (OST Boys Before Flowers)

Hun - Thank you (Gomapseumnida) (OST Thank You)

Insooin - A Goose's Dream

Jun. K - Hanarete Itemo

Jang Geun Suk - Can you hear me (OST Beethoven's Virus)

Jang Geun Suk - Love Rain (OST Love Rain)

Jisun - Crazy in Love (OST Shining Inheritance)

JYJ - In heaven

JYJ - Fallen Leaves

Joo - Turn around (OST Cinderella Unni)

Jung yeop - There was nothing happen (OST 49 Days)

Jaejoong - I'll Protect you (OST Protect the boss)

Jaejoong - Living like a dream (OST Dr. Jin)

Jaejoong - To you it's separation, for me it's waiting (OST Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Jung Il Woo - Scarecrow (OST 49 Days)

Jung Il Young - Reason (OST Autumn in my heart)

Jung Il Young - Prayer (OST Autumn in my heart)

Kim Dong Wook - My heart is cursing (OST You're Beautiful)

Kim Jong Kook - Men are all like that

Kim Jong Kook - One Man

Kim Yeon Woo - You're my love (OST Lie to me)

Kim Yoo Kyung - Starlight tears (OST Boys Before Flowers)

Kim Bum Soo - I miss you (Bo Go Ship Da) (OST Stairway to Heaven)

Kim Hyun Joong - One more time (OST Playful Kiss)

K. Will - Dream (OST A Love to Kill)

K. Will - Dropping the tears

K. Will - Love is crying (OST The King 2 hearts)

K. Will - Pond of tears (OST Wedding Dress)

K. Will - Love is punishment (OST Shining Inheritance)

Kyuhyun - Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps (OST Bread, Love, and Dream)

Kyuhyun - Smile

Lee Hyori - Don't love her (OST If in love...Like them)

Lee Jee Hoon - Goodbye (OST Love Phobia)

Lee So Jung - One (OST Friends)

Lee Seung Gi - Return

Mad Soul Child - Dear (OST Man From Nowhere)

The One - June's Dream

The One - Winter Love (OST That Winter, The Wind Blows)

Park Hyo Shin - Snow Flower (OST Sorry, I love you)

Park Da Ye - What should I do? (OST You're Beautiful)

Ryeowook - One fine spring day

Ryeowook - If you love more (OST Spy Myungwol)

Ryu - From Beginning Until Now (OST Winter Sonata)

Ryu - My Memory (OST Winter Sonata)

SNSD - I want to dream with you forever (OST Pasta)

SNSD - Time Machine

Shin Seung Hun - I believe (OST My Sassy Girl)

Sistar 19 - Gone, Not Around Any Longer 

Soyu - Should I confess? (OST Playfull Kiss)

Siwon - I must be bad (OST Oh! My Lady)

SS501 - Because I'm Stupid (OST Boys Before Flowers)

Seo In Guk feat. Jung Eun Ji - The way we love (OST Reply 1997)

Song Joong Ki - Really (OST The Innocent Man)

Sweet Sorrow - No matter how I think about it (OST Alone in Love)

Super Junior KRY - Memories

Sung Si Kyung - The Season returns (OST Spring Waltz)

Taeyeon - Can you hear me? (OST Beethoven Virus)

Taeyeon - I love you (OST Athena)

Taeyeon - Closer (OST To the beautiful you)

U-Kiss - Remember (OST Syndrome)

Xiah Junsu - I don't like love (OST Rooftop Prince)

Xiah Junsu - Even though I already know

Xiah Junsu - Love is like a snow (OST The Innocent Man)

Yesung - It has to be you (OST Cinderella Unni)

Yesung - Love really hurts (OST Tazza)

Yesung - Waiting for you (OST Paradise Ranch)

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