Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

My Favorite KPop Music Videos (MV) vol. I

I know that I wrote an article that has same the topic some years ago.  But I decide to write a same-old article, with different music videos and of course, in English.


Big Bang - Sunset Glow


Sunset Glow or Red Sunset was filmed and released in 2008.  The concept of Sunset Glow is quite different from other KPop music videos from then until now.  Sunset Glow only shows Big Bang and their fans interact and witness sunset in a beach.  I like the cinematography (?), it's just beautiful and the whole video is fun and heartwarming.  I really love how happy and relax Big Bang is and the way naturally interact with all the people in the music video.  Sigh, those fans were so lucky!  

I'm quite surprise that the lyrics of Sunset Glow is quite sad.  I thought that this song about falling in love or something, but it's more about break-up!  I'm really impressed by the music producers and the video director because I personally think this video and song are made to cheer people who are in the heartbreak-phase.     

Taeyang - Only Look at Me

The video was released in 2008, which means it's the same era with Haru Haru.  So far, this is my favorite song from Taeyang's solo.  Anyway, the video is connected with the lyrics.  But if the lyrics tell us that it's Taeyang who is unloyal, it's the vice versa in this video.  Anyway, I'm glad that all of Big Bang members participated in this video.  The choreography is cool, but I think Taeyang should work more on his facial expression. 

Wonder Girls - Nobody

Wonder Girls' Nobody has retro concept that wasn't even used by SM in that time.  The best thing from this music video?  It's......Jay, why, pee a.k.a JYP, that lovable CEO (or ex-CEO?).  Seriously, his part is so damn hilarious and may God bless him and that toilet, lol. 


Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006.  But nobody really knew them until Abracadabra.  The choreography was -or is?- really famous and was often parodied by other groups or variety shows.  Anyway, these girls really know their business.  They are sexy, fierce, and confident.  "Abracadabra" has also some kind of darkness and sensuality in this video, which kinda reminds of Blue Velvet, a film by David Lynch.  Some of you probably know the choreography from Psy's Gentleman.  But as a song, I don't really think Abracadabra is Brown Eyed Girls' song.  I know it's iconic and yada yada, but it just doesn't show their vocal skill.   

Gee - Girl's Generation (SNSD)

I only like this music video because there's Minho :3

Just kidding.  I'm not a big fan of the disgusting choreography, vocal, and lyrics, but this video is colorful.  Seriously, I don't know why they have to make their voices...cute.  There's also some sort of anime-esque fantasy in this video.  Yup, the color and the fantasy are the only thing I like from this video.  And I'm serious this time. 

Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

Just like Gee, Sorry Sorry was released in 2009.  I really like the black-and-white effect, it makes the video simple, clean, but stylish.  There are no absurd clothes or annoying-flashy-lights.  I also love the choreography, it's very easy to be remembered by all of KPop fans.  I used to hate the song because it's very...unartistic.  But as time goes by, I enjoy this song more and more.  It's not that bad, especially with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook in it.


It Hurts - 2NE1

Gothic, emo, black, cool, gloomy, and Tim Burton-ish.  I thought of those things after I had watched 2NE1's It Hurts for the first time.  If Tim Burton really directed this, IT WOULD BE SUPER AWESOME.  I even thought that Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham-Carter would appear in this music video, lol.  Anyway, I really love their style, from head to toe.  And someone please get me Bom's umbrella, I will kill one of my teachers for that umbrella!  Wait, is it really an umbrella?  'Cause I don't think it will protect me from rain....  

I don't really get the story, does that guy cheat on Dara or he's a ghost?  Aside from the story, I gotta give applause for props and design section.

Hurricane Venus - BoA

I'm not a big fan of BoA.  I even think she's an overrated........singer.  But as a dancer?  If you think SNSD's Hyoyeon is a dancing queen, then you should check BoA.  In 2011, a lonely-ghotic-suicidal-loner-wallflower-anti-social girl was so bored that she started to look for BoA's videos.  She wasn't impressed by her voice's color, but she was blown away by her dancing skill!  I'm also glad that SM made more effort in Hurricane Venus.  Hurricane Venus looks like a sci-fi Japanese animation.  I really love the props and choreography, it's a shame I can't say the same thing for BoA's fashion.  From head to toe.  I also think her make-up makes her older for her age.  I even thought her age was about 30 for Rhoma Irama's sake!

Baby Good Night - GD&TOP   

You know your oppars are sexier than Siwon, Jay Park, or even Kim Jong Kook...if they are damn sexy without showing their bodies!  Yup, I'm talking about Kwon Jiyong and Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a GD & TOP!  Seriously, how come they are so sexy without taking their clothes????!!! *brb, cleaning my drools* 

 Applause to YG for making a sensual but classy video.  It really amazes me how the video and GD & TOP themselves can be sexy without being topless and or provocative dance choreography.  I also love how GD and TOP make drinking or eating seems sensual.  How they eat slowly is just... *brb, cleaning more drools*
THE CINEMATOGRAPHY!  It's beautiful and even though it's not as great as Foster the People's Call It What You Want music video, I still give the director and all the staffs two thumbs up!

P.S: For the first time in my life, I really want to be a snake.

Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A

I'm not a big fan of Miss A, but I often think that they have higher talent average than that-girlgroup-with-9-members-from-SM.  There's actually nothing spectacular or new from Bad Girl Good Girl music video, it's a classic KPop mv with dancing-in-the-box.  But it still has better cinematography than SM videos and...
All members from Miss A are sexy and confident without being too slutty provocative.  Sure, I know that the choreography isn't innocent, but it's not too provocative like Hyuna's Ice Cream or Bubble Pop.  That's what I like from Bad Girl Good Girl's choreography.  It's sexy and fierce without being too provocative.  It's also very alive and fresh.  But what I like the most from Bad Girl Good Girl is....the lyrics.


I am the best - 2NE1

I really love how they look not uptight or play....cutesy.  I am the best is clearly 2NE1's iconic video.  Sometimes I do think the song is a piece of shit, but *sigh* I'm addicted to listen and sing this song.  I also think that the choreography of this video seems fierce and alive because Dara and Bom are way behind CL and Minzy.  But, it also makes me realize how charismatic and fierce 2NE1 is to the point that they can trick my eyes. 

I think CL is the only who can pull of the mantel patient's uniform.  But the picture above?  I don't think it's cool or stylish.       

Be My Baby - Wonder Girls


I personally think the chorus is a bit weak.  It's not really powerful, it's quiet...lackluster, I think?  But I do love how the director of this video played with colors.  It makes this video unique and fresh.  I don't know about you, but I like the retro style.  It fits well with Wonder Girls.


I wonder if you hurt like me - 2AM


Can't let you go even if I die maybe 2AM's anthem song, but I wonder if you hurt like me is clearly has better video than that song.  I love the coloration, setting, visual effect, I also like Jo Kwon and Jinwoon's glassy eyes.  I don't know Jinwoon's acting skill in Dream High 2, but it's quite good in this music video.  I do wish that the director did a better job in camera angle section.

This song is about break-up.  So Jinwoon -the guy- can't move on and forget his ex.  So he starts to see his ex's 'ghost' which is unreal.  It is symbolized how the girl suddenly disappears.  The world around Jinwoon also forces him to move on and let go his past.  I think it is symbolized by the writings and photos that slowly fade.  But Jinwoon can't just forget his lover or girlfriend or ex or that-random-girl-with-red-hair, so he also disappears.  

Monster - Big Bang

I, a-random-kpop-fan-whose-existence-isn't-known-by-my-biases, declare that Big Bang's Monster is the most epic KPop music video.  Ever.   It's explosive, stylish, beautiful, and of course, epic.  My favorite moment is when Daesung walks beside a mirror.  The visual effect just makes me speechless.  This video and EXO-K's MAMA are the only KPop's music videos that can make me speechless with their visual effect.  

I love you, baby I am not a monster.  I personally think it has deeper meaning for Big Bang and VIPs.  For those who don't know, GD and Daesung had serious issues in 2011.  Just check the story in the internet.  That's why I think the lyrics have deeper impact or meaning for Big Bang and VIP because there's a chance that GD, Daesung, or the others, were afraid that the fans would leave them or hate them forever.  

At the beginning of the video, we can hear some noises and explosions everywhere.  Later, the camera goes inside a building and we can see some Big Bang members.  We can also the members run and look afraid throughout the video.  

I think it tells us how the world or people are afraid to them (the members).  They even act violent toward them.  Although the members' appearance seem odd, scary, or whatever you call it, that doesn't mean that they can't feel scare or angsty.  They don't even attack or hurt anyone, but the world them like they do.  I think it shows that sometimes they feel the world judge them just from the outside while they, include the VIPs, never really see the true side of them.


I, a-random-kpop-fan-who-has-some-many-fake-boyfriends-and-husbands-in-Korea, declare that EXO-K's MAMA is the second epic KPop music video.  But somehow, I used to like BAP more than EXO.  

It's a shame that they don't build a strong story structure or metaphor.  They spent too much in the 'box'.  Don't get me wrong, the choreography is awesome and powerful, but I want to see more story.  It's probably a random and useless question, what the f*ck does MAMA mean?  It just sounds absurd and silly.  In this video, I think SM tries really hard to show off.  Whether visual effect, strong choreography, or high notes, in the end, MAMA is just too much.  You know what happen if we keep pouring water to an empty glass right?  Well, I think MAMA is just like that.  Now I know why I used to like BAP more than EXO.  

That XX - G-Dragon

When I had heard this video was rated 19+, I thought the video would be hot, sensual, or maybe like GD&TOP's Knock Out.  Well, I was wrong.  

THAT XX IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND ROMANTIC KPOP MUSIC VIDEO.  Seriously YG, why you make so many amazing music videos??!!!!  Even though the video is kinda tumblr-ish, it's still beautiful.  It also reminds me of arthouse films.

That XX is a ballad song, but it's not really mellow or sappy like K-Drama's soundtrack.  You know, like Winter Love, That Woman, and other sappy soundtracks.  That XX is a calm and sweet song.  Listening to it is like watching drizzle, not a rain or storm.  Sure it has some mellowness, but the mellowness is soft and subtle.  

We have a bad GD and a good GD in this video.  I think the one who peeks at the house is the good GD.  He sees his relationship with his girlfriend and then feels frustrated by his actions -that hurt his girlfriend, of course-.  But in the end GD just can't change himself and stays as the bad GD.      

That's the end of volume I.  I actually have a final exam this week, but I want to post something in this blog, lol.  Sorry for messy grammar.  Fyi, I keep trying to write in English because I want to improve my English, not for show off.  See ya all later soon! *pretending I have sasaengs*

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