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Eyes, Nose Lips - Taeyang MV Review

I don't know why, but I'm not a big fan of Ringa Linga.  That song is just not my cup of tea.  And Taeyang isn't exactly in top of my bias.  But don't get me wrong, I'm a VIP who love them all.  Taeyang is talented, his dancing is cool, and his vocal ability is above decent for a Korean idol.  He's also one of those thriple-threat.  So, what's not to like?  I don't really know, but he never really hooked me.  I also don't really expect anything from Eyes, Nose, Lips.  

At the first 30 seconds, I thought this video was going to be one of his sexy video.  Or dancing video.  But he keeps singing and doing nothing in the entire video.  I'm really curious why the fuck he has to topless.  Puh-lease Taeyang, we already know you have a freakin' hot body.  I know that the director gives some 'accessories', but it's too simple for my liking. 

I'm actually disappointed with YG this time.  They have made so many amazing music videos like Gangnam Style, Monster, and Come Back Home yet they make a 'simple' concept this time?  I hope Eyes, Nose, Lips is an experimental music video, not a way too cut some budget.  

A user from youtube said that Taeyang's toplessness *I know it's not a real word* was a way to express his sadness, just like CL in Missing You.  But I disagree and dismiss that idea quickly.  While CL's bareness was handled with art and emotional value, Taeyang's not.  Why?  Just look at Taeyang.  He wears a beenie and gold necklace like some of kind of third class rapper.  I won't really mind if Taeyang is full naked, as long as it'll be artistic, or close to it.  

I hate the video, but do I hate the song?  I've been raping the replay button over and over again to listen to this song.  

The song reminds me of Only Look at Me and Wedding Dress.  The three of them (with Eyes, Nose, Lips) are R&B songs, with mellow lyrics.  Only Look at Me and Wedding Dress are quite melancholic too, but somehow Eyes Nose Lips also reminds of SM's ballad songs.  It has high vocal range and the key goes higher after the bridge.  The point is, Eyes, Nose, Lips is more balladish than Taeyang's previous singles.   

I also think that Taeyang has improved his vocal technique in this song.  I'm no vocal master, so I can't really say in which way or part his vocal technique has improved.  

It's such a shame that a beautiful song has an under-average music video. 6,5/10


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