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The Best Episodes of Running Man (Edited at March 15th, 2014)

Hello *awkward wave*.  This is my second attempt to write an article in English.  I decide to write something about Running Man.  I love movies, but I'm still afraid to review a movie in English.  Anyway, I'm terribly sorry for any grammar error.

So, I want to write about Running Man episodes which not only my favorite, but the best from all episodes I've ever watched (obviously!).  However, I'm a human and I haven't watched ALL the Running Man episodes.  Usually, I skip episodes like Bangkok special and episodes involving female guests...ha, I even don't like the survival series, SNSD special, Big Bang special (I'm a VIP), and Avengers special (150).  And if I got bored in 30 minutes, I would immediately skip the episode.  So please do comment if I make any mistake or you have recommendation.

I want to start with my personal favorite, but I never see them as mind-blowing episodes.  Let's say...some kind of...honorable mentions?

* Episode 8

Getting to know each members by their debut videos.  If you watched it, I bet 'I swear' would sound quite different to you, lol.  Not only debut videos, there's also an interesting modification in the bell hide-and-seek game.

* Episode 13


This episode has one of the most epic moment in Running Man history...and unfortunately, this episode is also one of the most underrated episode.  New fans might wonder, but Yoo Jae Suk used to be known as the weak member.  He, Kwangsoo, and Sukjin were known as the Regular-Jail trio.  Imagine how shocked I was when Jaesuk, who's weaker and older than Jongkook, pushed him, ran away, and completed the mission??!!!!  And he's the only one who lived in mission team!  No one helped him!  Well, there's someone who helped him...and he was...VJ Kwon Ryul!  I think that's one of the sweetest scene in Running Man.

P.S : In this episode, Jong Kook had NO running ball.  

* Episode 25 

I really love the opening!  Hell, the Mr. Commander wears baby clothes and tries to be cute!  Not only that, but I also the fact that Park Bo-young is the only guest who knows that she is being tricked, my respect for her was raised after I had watched this episode.  Episode 25 also introduces us to South Korea's manhwa.

* Episode 30

The most interesting Finding Guest mission.  Seungri is definitely the best escapee among guest.  He even got a new nickname : Seung Gil Dong.  And somehow, Yoo Jae Suk creatively created a new photo section (which I think was really unplanned).

* Episode 56

One of the best Running Man opening scene.  Well, not exactly the opening, but the scene is still handled so well and funny! And the guests were a looooooot better and stronger than the previous episode *coughstupidcoughgirlcoughguestscough*

* Episode 125 (Santa / Christmas Special)

There was a large amount of slapstick moment.  And the missions really suited the guests, lol.  Until now, this episode has the best ensemble guest.  But if Shindong is really that funny, why he didn't really stand out in this episode? :/  He and Heechul somewhat disappointed me.

* Episode 130 (Reincarnation)

Episode 130 is an episode that has a unique concept.  Although I'm pretty sure that 90% of the whole episode is scripted, the little twist in this episode are still fun to be watched.  Especially seeing Kim Jong Kook suddenly attacks Jaesuk...It's one of the hottest moment in Running Man history.  Ever.

* Episode 133 (Golden Sword)

This episode shows me why I'm really proud of Ms. Song Ji Hyo and respect her as a woman.  This episode is really funny too, and the guests connect well with the members.

pic cr:

Let's start with the real ranking, shall we? 

6. Yoomes Bond II / Yoomes Bond Never Die - 91

Comments :

- If Christopher Nolan has The Dark Knight trilogy, then Running Man has Yoomes Bond trilogy.  And just like The Dark Knight (2008), Yoomes Bond part II was much better than the predecessor.  This episode also parodies Park Chan Wook's Oldboy (2003), but not entirely. 

- Although this episode really centered on Yoo Jae Suk, but some members surprisingly did better job like : 
  • The first person who unlocks the door is Haha
  • The first person who knows Jaesuk is the culprit is Kwangsoo
  • Surprisingly, Sukjin isn't the first person who gets eliminated, and he even finds a clue.
- Quite thrilling and the crimes are really funny.  Excellent choice of venue and time.  And the editing and camera angle surprisingly not that exaggerated.

- Unfortunately, this episode isn't that funny and the members almost don't have time to show their comic characters.

Final score : 9/10

pic cr : 

5. Don't walk, but date! - 108

Comments : 

- It's a bit rare for our Icon of Betrayal (and misfortune) become the main character.

-This episode used press conference as the opening of the show, which was executed so well and funny!

-This episode also has a far-from-unnatural rom-com feel, and good guests...or should I say...guest?  Lee Joon was the background here...And thank God the PD didn't make it as a couple race or use someone from girl group-_-

Final Score : 9,2/10 

pic cr : popularomantickoreandramas.blogspot.com

4. Sherlock Holmes - 79

Comments : 

-It's expectedly unexpected (?)  If you have a sharper mind than SpartAce, I bet you will know who's the true criminal from the start.  I did feel something strange when a person out, but I chose to ignore it and thought that the PD did something wrong in the editing.  I think the true criminal will (really) surprise most of the viewers.  And surprisingly, the PD barely gave spoiler!  They only gave one, and like I said, you should have a sharper mind than SpartAce.  Even they were surprised by the real criminal.

-The clues are very hard and confusing (compliment, people!)

-It's funny, entertaining, and would make you really curious, but the guests and members acted strange and weird (scripted, maybe?).

Final Score : 9,5/10

pic cr :

2. Running Man Hunting - 52

Comments :

-You have to watch it alone, in the dark, and if you can, at midnight!  I think Choi Min Soo is the most feared guest of Running Man history.  And when I say the most, even-Kim-Jong-Kook afraid of him too!  He's not only strong and genius hunter, he has this scary and dark aura.  And the PD chose the right time and place : twilight-to-night at an amusement park.  Ghost house, anyone?

-It's a shame that the PD gave so much spoiler. 

Final Score : 9,7/10

pic cr :

 3. War of Gods - 100

Comments :

- Many reviewers said that Marc Webb's (500) Days of Summer (2009) is heavily influenced by Woody Allen's Annie Hall (1977).  But (500) Days of Summer is still an enjoyable and a very good movie.  Just like (500) Days of Summer, War of Gods has the same formula with some of Running Man episodes (let's say, Survival Series?), but it still has a nice process and thrilling race (which quite rare 'cause the guest is a female).

I don't know why many people dislike Kim Hee Sun (I saw allkpop forum about the worst guest), I personally think she's a relatively good guest : quite strong, a bit funny, and could associate with Running Man members very well.  Only two actresses who can rival her: Gong Hyo Jin (108) and Choi Ji Woo (126-127).


- The winner wasn't Gary (the winner from the two survival series), not even Jongkook, and not even the guest!  That's the main reason why I really love this episode.

Final Score : 9,6/10

pic cr:

1. TruGary Show - 60 --- Running Man vs Script Writer - 178 (Tie)

Comments :

- My two favorite movies, Taxi Driver and Before Sunset, have great processes and great endings with ambiguous feeling.  Until now, TruGary is the only episode that can be compared with those two movies (?)      

- They didn't bring guest, nor they revealed the true winner in the next episode!

- I haven't watched The Usual Suspect-_-

Final score : 10/10

pic cr:



-I bet most all of you already watched and heard this sentence thousand times: Episode 178 is Running Man's most touching episode.  Ever.

-Episode 178 shows us -fans of Running Man- why we should proud of this show and the people behind it.
  1. How often do you watch a show with game involving giant jenga with people on top of it?  It's crazy!  I bet even some people think it's impossible game.  But our Big-nose hyung, Grasshopper, Kookie, Monday Boyfriend, Penguin, Miss Blank, and Giraffe did it.  They even get bonus because they finish their bonus round.
  2. Giant-jenga-with-people-on-top-of-it seems little if we compare it with the next mission: crossing Han River with boxes in December a.k.a winter.  Seems impossible?  But all members of Running Man succeed!  The members are divided into two groups:
  • The three-seat: Jihyo, Haha, and Sukjin.  At first, I thought that there's no way this group would win because the members are pretty weak, especially Sukjin.  Haha is also a quite weak, especially if we compare him to Jaesuk, Gary, and Jongkook.  Jihyo maybe an ace, but she's still a girl.
  • F4: Kwangsoo, Jaesuk, Gary, Jongkook.  You see, not only this group has Jongkook and Gary, but also has Jaesuk.  It is a real mistake if you underestimate Jaesuk's power.  Kwangsoo maybe weak, but his weakness is surely covered by the other members.
And which group crosses the Han river in 20 minutes?  The Three-seat group!  F4 falls in the middle of Han River.  They are quite pessimistic, but they don't give up and try again!  Seriously, I already felt touched in this scene!  The F4 crosses the Han river more than 40 minutes, but they never give up and they have big fighting spirit.  Not only F4, but the Three-seat group too.  They even still cheered the F4 after they had arrived at RM flag. 

Final score : 10/10

pic cr: dramabeans.com

So those are the best Running Man episodes according to me.  I know some of them are not really 'best', but hey, it's my list and my opinion.

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  1. Di episode 130 juga pertama kalinya JSJ menang duel nametag ripping sama Commander. Mengharukan.
    Yg episode akhir tahun 2013 ini emang paling mengharukan. Dan episode lainnya yg mengharukan menurut saya sih yg 165, yg nyari fans, salah satunya karena untuk pertama kalinya JSJ menang individual race.
    Haha, I am a die hard fan of Easy Brother!

    1. Tahun ini JSJ juga menang sesuatu kok :D

  2. Episode Park Ji Sung, baik yang pertamakalinya dia datang ato yang bareng Evra dua-duanya epic.
    Kenapa ga di masukin?

    1. Yang pertama belum selesai nonton, yang kedua kurang suka.

  3. bagus itu ep 137 the fool and the princess

  4. paling suka episode yg permainan nya d desain ma fans running man dari hongkong,.,kreatif bgd tuh game nya,.,

  5. Balasan
    1. download di dramafire.com aja. gampang hehehe

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