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(I want to dream with you) Forever - SNSD ost. Pasta lyrics (English and Romanization)

Yeongwonhi, neowa ggumgugo shipda

gibun joheun parameul ddara
nuni pushin jeo haneularae
areumdaun norae joheun hyanggiro, gadeukhan neowa geotneun gil
gieokhani cheoeum mannatdeon eosaekhag
seoteulgo eoryeotdeon nal, geujeo mareobshi jikyeojun, naege komawo

*jicheyoitdeom gaseumi dashi sumshwigo
gananhaejin maeumi bicheul chajasseo
yeongwontorok ireohke, neoui sonjabgo gatchi geotgo shipeo
uri dul manui sesange saranghaneun nae saramgwa hamgge

jjalbji anheun geu shigan dongan itji mothal manheun gieokdeul
useumgwa nunmul soge, eonjana nal mideojun geon, baro neoyeosseo

back to *

amudo uril banghaehajineun anha
shigane jjeutkyeona har iyudo eobseo
(uri kaggeumsshigeun) ddaeron meolli isseodo
(gateun maeumeuro) gateun maeum hanaro gateun ggumeul ggul su itdamyeon

aju oraen shigani heuuleo jinaseo (aju orae jinaseo)
neowa naui moseubi jogeum dallado (jogeum dallado)
yeongwontorok ireohke neowaduriseo ggumeul ggugoshipeo
naui sowoni dwoeeojun naui mideumi dwoejun neowa

aju oraen shigani heulleo jinaseo (oraen shigani heuuleeoseo)
neowa naui moseubi jogeum dallado (jogeumeun dareuljiradp)
yeongwontorok ireohke neowa deuriseo gguemeul ggugo shipeo
naui gijeogi dwoeeojun naui ggumeul hamgge haejun neowa
oraen sweori hulleodo yeongwonhi neowa ggumggugo shipeo

Forever - SNSD (English lyrics)

I want to dream with you forever

Following the happy breeae beneath that bright sky that blinds me
Beautiful melodies and fresh air fillsthis road that I'm walking with you
Do you remember? Those awkward and unfamilliar times when we first met
I'm thankful to you for silently taking care of me when I was hesitant and young

Reff : My exhausted heart beats once again
My weak heart has found light again
I want to hold your hand and walk like this forever
Together with the person I love in a world just for the two of us

Those unforgettable memories during that long time
Throughout the laughter and the tears, the one who always believed in me was you

Back to reff

No one will bother us
There's not even a reason to waste any time
(Sometimes) We could be far from each other
(With the same heart) The same heart as one, dreaming the same dream

Even if a very long time passes (A long time passes)Even if you and I become a bit different (A bit different)
I want to dream forever with you like this
The one who fulfilled my wishes, the one who became my faith, with you

Even if a very long time passes (A long time passes)
Even if you and I become a bit different (A bit different)
I want to dream forever with you like this
The one who became my miracle, the one who dreamed with me, with you
Even a long time passes, I want to dream forever with you

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